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BARCODE GENERATOR SDK The barcode ActiveX control TBarCode enhances applications with professional barcode generating and barcode printing capabilities. This barcode generator component can be used easily with Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Microsoft InfoPath, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Excel...) and in development environments. Just embed TBarCode OCX (ActiveX control) with a few clicks into your document, worksheet, database or into your program. TBarCode generates linear barcodes (e.g. EAN8, EAN 13, UPC, Code128, EAN 128, 2 of 5), 2D barcodes (PDF417, DataMatrix, QR-Code, QR-Code 2005, Micro QRCode, Aztec Code, GS1 DataBar) as well as postal codes (e.g. USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode, DP Premiumadress). It prints barcodes directly on arbitrary printers or stores barcodes as raster or vector images (EPS, PNG, JPG...). This barcode component is also able to return the created barcodes as HTTP stream, thus it is perfectly suited for server-based web-applications. BARCODE SUPPORT + Generates more than 100 linear, 2D, composite barcodes: PDF417, MicroPDF, DataMatrix (ECC200), MaxiCode, QR-Code, Codablock, EAN-UCC Composite, RSS, GS1 DataBar, Aztec Code, PZN8, Han Xin Code, DotCode ... + Standard compliance: ECI, check-digits, data compression, Asian character sets, UNICODE encoding, macro barcodes... + Multiple output formats: printing, image export, PostScript, PCL, PDF, call backs. + Fine grained barcode control: all relevant barcode parameters are adjustable. + Human readable text + Additional captions can be added to the created barcode symbols SECURITY + Secure, Site-Locked ActiveX Control AREAS OF APPLICATIONS + Barcode add-in for Microsoft Office + Barcode generator for web-applications: TBarCode is used on client- and on server-side (ASP.NET, PHP, ASP...) + Barcode generator SDK for development environments: VB, VBA, VC, C, CPP, C++, CSharp, C#, JSharp, VB.NET, Delphi, JavaScript, VBScript, HTML...

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